Affiliate marketing is a rapidly growing industry that is changing the way businesses promote their products and services online. In simple terms, affiliate marketing is a performance-based marketing strategy where an advertiser (or merchant) pays commission to affiliates for driving sales or traffic to their website. It has become an increasingly popular way for businesses to expand their reach, increase sales, and generate new leads.

As an affiliate marketer, you can earn a commission by promoting products or services of other businesses to your audience.

Online creators often build partnerships with various brands to promote its products and services. Nowadays, it is common for consumers to purchase things online. So here is how affiliate marketing works, a consumer goes online, visits your site, purchased an item/items, you make the money.

Affiliate marketing is a growing industry that has set to reach $8.2 billion in 2022 in the USA alone. You must have heard about Wealthy Affiliate and may be needing more information on what is it all about.

About Wealthy Affiliate

Wealthy Affiliate is a platform dedicated to affiliate marketers and helping internet entrepreneurs create successful businesses online through training. They lay out access to the tools and services they need, and provide timely support from Wealthy Affiliate Experts.

Anyone can test the platform, as they offer FREE starter training, for those that are unsure whether affiliate marketing is really for them. If you have “struggled” to build business online, have been ripped off by other company that promised big things, lured you to sign up with them, and as you do, you are left alone, that is not what will happen in the Wealthy Affiliate platform.

You are going to learn the step-by-step process of building a website, be guided on how to build your online business successfully. No technical skills necessary. No experience necessary.

The Wealthy Affiliate Process

There is a process that anyone can take as you begin the experience.

Step 1 : Choose Your Niche (What is your passion)

When you want to build a business online, the first thing you need to do is decide what type of business you want. Do you have a passion, a hobby that you want to turn into profits?

Unlike other programs where you have to promote what they tell you, in Wealthy Affiliate, you choose the direction for your business that you will enjoy, have fun with, and ultimately succeed with!

Step 2: Build a Website

Your website is your foundation. In Wealthy Affiliate, you will go through a step-by-step training, where you are able to build your website.

Wealthy Affiliate provides FREE Starter members ONE WordPress Website.

As you decide that this is really for you, you can upgrade to become a Premium or Premium Plus member.

Step 3: Get Traffic

As you now have a foundation for your business, the next thing to have is traffic. This is the only ONE way that your business grows. People that purchase item from your website will eventually lead to revenue.

Search engines and social networks are the biggest driving forces behind traffic online and if you understand how to get ranked in Google, Bing &Yahoo;, and understand how to leverage platforms like FaceBook, Twitter, Pinterest, Snapchat and Instagram to drive traffic to your website, there is no limit to your potential.

Wealthy Affiliate teaches how to get traffic. They know the best strategies and techniques to get your website ranked and do it in extremely well. You are going to get new training each and every week offering you new traffic strategies that you can use with your business.

Step 4: Make Money

How do you make money? You have a niche, a website, and traffic, but you have nothing to sell to your customers. There are over 550 MILLION products that you can promote as an affiliate marketer online. This means that you don’t have to carry any inventory for any of these products/services. You simply link to companies through your special affiliate links, and they give you a percentage of every sale that you make.

This can range from pennies to $1,000’s for every sale.

This is just ONE of the many ways that you can generate revenue from your website once you have traffic. You can make money through advertising, building an email list, selling your own products/services, or reselling your website traffic to others.


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2 thoughts on “How does AFFILIATE MARKETING work?”

  1. This is sounding very good. So as I understand everything you don’t need to hold a physical product (as you do with eBay)?

    So you find a niche and join an affiliate program (or 3) to promote the niche and you’ll be good to go?


    • That is exactly right Paul, you don’t have to hold any inventory at all when you do affiliate marketing. How it works is a customer does internet search >>> went to your website >>>purchase a product/s >>>you get a commission (basically by promoting the product/s in your website).


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